Here’s a cause for celebration in 2012 — your company’s business anniversary!

Whether your company is approaching a milestone year (one ending in 0 or 5) or an in-between year, celebrating your business anniversary with a promotional campaign is like throwing an anniversary party and getting some fabulous gifts:

  • New Outreach Opportunities. Celebrating a business anniversary demonstrates to customers and prospects that, while others have come and gone, your company has flourished. You’ll win recognition for your accomplishments and spread awareness of your products and services.
  • Stronger Key Relationships. Employees, customers and others have made your success possible. An anniversary is a perfect occasion to acknowledge those contributions. You’ll stimulate a sense of pride in your supporters for what they’ve helped you achieve and reinforce their roles as advocates for your company.
  • Competitive Marketplace Advantage. Celebrating your business anniversary trumps your competitors. Some may not even realize how long they’ve been in business; others may not recognize a business anniversary’s marketing potential. You’ll bring attention to your company, stay in the spotlight throughout the year and gain competitive marketplace advantage — vital in tough economic times.

As a result, your business anniversary becomes a “sell”-abration, contributing directly to your company’s future success.

Kick off the celebration of your business anniversary with your first gift — free business anniversary ideas for planning your promotion from Bartel Communications, Inc., the business anniversary experts.

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The brochure “The Bartel Years(TM)” is a roster of business anniversary symbols for a century of “sell”-abrations. Use these symbols to inspire an array of business anniversary ideas for promotional campaigns.

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Congratulations on your company’s business anniversary in 2012! May the “sell”-abrations begin!

Blogger  Bio: Pauline Bartel, M.A., is President and Chief Creative Officer of
Bartel Communications, Inc., an award-winning corporate communications firm,
specializing in marketing, public relations and business anniversary consulting
services. The firm  created “The Bartel Years™” and “The Bartel Years 200™,” rosters of business  anniversary symbols to inspire two centuries of business anniversary
“sell”-abrations. Download free copies of “The Bartel Years™” and the special
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