You want to “sell”-abrate your company’s business anniversary. But you’re overwhelmed at the thought of adding a business anniversary promotional campaign to the current workload. The solution? Smart companies hire a business anniversary consultant. Here are three tips to help you choose the right consultant for your business anniversary.

1. Choose a Consultant With Business Anniversary Expertise

Since business anniversary promotional campaigns require specialized knowledge, skills and capabilities, seek a consultant who specializes in that niche market. In the same way, if you wanted to build a library, for example, you would seek an architectural firm specializing in designing and building libraries.

Select a consultant who has experience in all phases of business anniversary promotional campaigns. A consultant with skills as a strategic planner, implementation expert and project manager can guide the business anniversary promotional campaign seamlessly from start to finish. After you set the course, the consultant takes the helm, and you enjoy smooth sailing.

2. Choose a Consultant Who Has a Collaborative Approach

Because a milestone business anniversary comes only once in your company’s history, you deserve a custom – not a cookie-cutter – business anniversary promotional campaign. Select a consultant who provides fresh, creative ideas – even ones you hadn’t thought of – and who welcomes ideas from you and your team. A consultant who has a collaborative approach integrates the best elements for your business into the business anniversary promotional campaign. This combination – your industry knowledge plus the consultant’s marketing and public relations know-how – yields a powerful synergy that contributes to outstanding business anniversary promotional campaigns and profits for your company.

3. Choose a Consultant Who Delivers Results

Select a consultant with a track record of successful business anniversary promotional campaigns. Request client case studies and assess the results the consultant delivered. For example, if the client expected a 20% increase in sales from the business anniversary promotional campaign, did the consultant meet or beat that metric? The consultant who delivers results will present multiple case studies with metrics met or exceeded plus rave reviews from clients. For the icing on the business anniversary cake, choose a consultant whose business anniversary promotional campaigns have won industry awards such as the Mark of Excellence Award from the American Marketing Association.

Promoting your company’s business anniversary need not be overwhelming. Make the smart choice. Hire an experienced, collaborative consultant who delivers results, and you’ll transform your business anniversary into a “sell”-abration.

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