A book to celebrate GWTW's 75th Anniversary!

A book to celebrate GWTW’s 75th Anniversary!

On Saturday, June 24, 1939, Victor Fleming directed Vivien Leigh and Leslie Howard in the third attempt at filming the paddock scene.

Needing $300 to pay the taxes on Tara, Scarlett seeks advice from Ashley whom she finds splitting rails in the paddock area. He has no help to give and admits to Scarlett that he is a coward, fearing life’s realities and wishing to escape from them. Scarlett admits she wants to escape, too,  

Watch for this Gone With the Wind goof: When Scarlett begs Ashley to run away with her to Mexico, her shawl covers one shoulder. Yet, after he speaks of honor and she turns away, her shawl covers both shoulders.

Happy 75th Anniversary, Gone With the Wind!

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