After our photography-studio client challenged me to create business anniversary symbols for companies in their second century of business, I incubated the idea.

Why were companies successful for more than a century? It had to be more than just having great products or services. When I pondered this, I realized that three core elements contribute to a company’s longevity. All successful companies no matter their size:

  • Determine objectives
  • Navigate obstacles
  • Achieve goals

This sequence was the DNA of business achievement. Like the DNA present in all living organisms, the DNA of a viable business is its blueprint for building, operating and sustaining the company so its success can be passed on to the next generation.

For “The Bartel Years 200(TM),” I decided to explore the DNA of business success — the attributes or qualities that enable companies to reach a second century of success — and to allow the business anniversary symbols of the original roster of business anniversary symbols to inspire the symbols for anniversary years 101 to 200.

For example, the symbol of the 93rd business anniversary is Teak, a wood known for its resilience in all kinds of weather. Part of the DNA of business success is the ability to adjust easily to change or misfortune, so Resilience became the symbol of the 193rd business anniversary.

In essence, by creating “The Bartel Years 200(TM),” I mapped the genome of business success.

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