A book to celebrate GWTW's 75th Anniversary!

A book to celebrate GWTW’s 75th Anniversary!

On Wednesday, June 21, 1939, Victor Fleming directed Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable in a series of short Gone With the Wind scenes:

  • Walk Down Peachtree Street” featured Mr. and Mrs. Butler strolling the thoroughfare with Bonnie in her baby carriage while, for his daughter’s sake, Rhett cultivated the matrons of the Old Guard. When a sudden gust nearly caused Leigh’s hat to be gone with the wind, she grabbed the brim and continued her dialogue without missing a beat. Later, producer David O. Selznick debated about whether or not to reshoot the scene , sans squall, then decided he liked how naturally Leigh had handled both the breeze and her chapeau.  
  • Interior of New Orleans Hotel” featured Scarlett surrounded by items of finery she has purchased for herself. Rhett asks: “Don’t you think it would be nice if you bought something for Mammy, too?” The “mules-in-horse-harness” conversation follows and Rhett decides that he will bring a red petticoat back for Mammy.
  • Nightmare of the Fog” featured Scarlett awakening from a repetitive dream of being cold and hungry and running through the mist after something she can’t find. Rhett comforts her, and she asks him to take her to Tara, which he agrees to do.
  • River Boat Cabin” featured honeymooning Scarlett reveling in “how rich we are,” and Rhett suggesting that she can now “tell everybody to go to the devil.”

Happy 75th Anniversary, Gone With the Wind!

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