When I was a rookie media-relations practitioner, I learned from my then-boss the secrets to avoiding the swerve pitch, which is sending a story idea or a media release with incorrect information.

She had me double check every detail before I contacted a reporter. That second look at the information we were disseminating often saved me from having to issue the dreaded correction. Issuing too many “oops-we-got-it wrong-before-but-we’re-pretty-sure-we-have-it-right-now” media releases erodes in the media’s eyes the organization’s reputation as a trustworthy source of news and information. I never want that to happen to any of my clients.

That is why I am diligent today about double checking the information my clients provide for the story pitches and media releases I issue on their behalf. Is the new vice president’s first name spelled “Anne” or “Ann?” For a late-summer event, does the calendar agree that August 16, 2011 is indeed a Tuesday? Is the event registration telephone number correct? (I call the number just before issuing the media release to make certain.)

Such diligence pays off for my clients. They score great publicity and win new
business – the major-league results of the perfect pitch.

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