The Saratoga Race Course is already out of the gate with plans to celebrate its 150th business anniversary in 2013.

Starting in May 2013 and continuing through September 2013, the Saratoga Race Course business anniversary celebration christened Saratoga150 features:

  • A website ( that explores the history of thoroughbred racing, offers a behind-the-scenes look at racetrack operations today and provides an evolving calendar of more than 150 events taking place during the five-month business anniversary celebration.
  • Collaborations with more than 64 local not-for-profit organizations sponsoring anniversary-year events such as duathlons, lectures, symphonies, rock concerts and more.
  • A website video of the Saratoga Race Course fan experience plus an interactive historical timeline with photos, videos and stories about the horses, jockeys and visitors that have been part of “the summer place to be” for a century and a half.
  • Official Saratoga150 merchandise (, including Win, Place and Show fan packages, Euro stickers, tee shirts, ornaments, hats, money clips and key chains from Impressions of Saratoga (
  • Official Saratoga150 jewelry from N. Fox Jewelers (, the exclusive jeweler for the 150th business anniversary celebration. Items include rings, cufflinks and pendants.

Clearly, the organizers of Saratoga150 invested substantial time in planning this sesquicentennial “sell”-abration. That’s the secret.

Invest time in strategic planning for your business anniversary promotional campaign. For a milestone business anniversary — one ending in 0 or 5 — begin your planning at least one year in advance. For an in-between business anniversary, begin your planning at least six months in advance.

By doing so, I’ll wager that — like the organizers of Saratoga150 — you cross the finish line with a winning business anniversary “sell”-abration.

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