During the same year in which Citi (www.citigroup.com), the leading global bank, celebrates its 200th business anniversary, the oldest village volunteer fire company in the United States celebrates its own bicentennial.

The Knickerbocker Steamer Company (http://waterfordfire.org) in the upstate New York village of Waterford had its origins in 1794 when the village was incorporated and fire protection became one of its responsibilities. Protection Engine Company No. 1 was formally organized in 1812; in 1847, its name was changed to Knickerbocker Steamer Company.

The 200-year firefighting legacy of Knickerbocker Steamer Company was celebrated by:

  • The exhibit “Engaging Fire: Waterford’s Fire Fighting Legacies” that opened in May and runs through October 2012 at the Waterford Historical Museum and Cultural Center
  • dress parade held on July 14, 2012 in the village
  • A community-wide block party that included food, games and carnival rides
  • Hosting the 85th Annual Hudson Mohawk Volunteer Fireman’s Convention.

Congratulations on the occasion of your 200th anniversary to Knickerbocker Steamer Company and to the many “Knicks” — past and present — that have served so well the citizens of the village of Waterford, NY!

Do the volunteer organizations to which you belong celebrate their anniversaries? Why or why not? Please share your thoughts.


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