William B. O’Connor Church Goods opened its doors in 1921 and has been providing a range of religious goods — from sacramental bread, vestments and candles to rosaries, missals and First Communion gifts — to Christian congregations and members of the faithful for the last 90 years. Originally located in Troy, NY, this family business moved to its current location in Latham, NY, in 1996.

When I made my First Holy Communion, the gift I received from my parents may have come from William B. O’Connor Church Goods. The gift was a small, white vinyl shoulder bag, containing a child’s prayer book, a white-bead rosary and a brown devotional scapular.

Over the years, I turned to William B. O’Connor Church Goods for the religious gifts that I gave. I purchased a child’s rosary with big beads in primary colors for a friend’s daughter on her first birthday. I purchased a St. Christopher’s medal for another friend who travels for a living. My most recent purchase, though, was something for me.

Desperate because I could not find a buyer for a house I was selling, I heard a radio talk show guest, extolling the power of St. Joseph — husband of Mary and earthly father of Jesus — to move real estate. “Buy a St. Joseph home-selling kit,” the expert said. “Follow the directions and prepare to be amazed.”

I had never heard of such a strategy before, but I was ready to try anything. Yet I wondered: Where does one buy a St. Joseph home-selling kit? Then the answer came to me: William B. O’Connor Church Goods.

I rushed to the store and bought the item. Following the directions, I buried the small St. Joseph statue in the yard of the house and said a prayer of petition. Three days later, I had a buyer. Holy Communion, it worked!

Thank you, William B. O’Connor Church Goods, for all of the goods — for both religious and secular purposes — you have provided over the years. Congratulations, too, on your 90th business anniversary!

To celebrate, the store hosted an open house with refreshments, a sale and a book signing by a local author of Christian literature. You can be sure I was there in spirit.

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