In 1932, a corn chip manufacturer sold his corn chip recipe to Charles Elmer Doolin of San Antonio, TX, who named the tasty treat Fritos, meaning “fried thin.” Doolin used a converted potato ricer to make the chips in his mother’s kitchen.

Marketing the chips became a family affair. His mother, Daisy Dean Doolin, developed recipes that included Fritos corn chips as an ingredient. One of her most famous is Fritos Chili Pie, a dish featuring Fritos corn chips, chili and cheddar cheese.

To mark its 80th business anniversary on October 1, 2012, Fritos® brand corn chips created the world’s largest Fritos Chili Pie at the State Fair of Texas. Frito-Lay ( partnered with Hormel® Chili ( for the Guinness World Record title attempt. The world’s largest Fritos Chili Pie took three hours to build, weighed 1,325 pounds and contained at least 1,200 pounds of Fritos® brand corn chips.

This 80th business anniversary promotion received extensive media coverage in newspapers, on radio, television, the Internet ( and through social media (

The story of the 80th business anniversary of Fritos® brand corn chips serves as a reminder to companies anticipating milestone business anniversaries:

  • Come Early to the Table: Milestone business anniversaries require at least a year of preparation to determine anniversary goals and metrics; develop a business anniversary strategic plan and deploy the strategies and tactics of the business anniversary promotional plan.
  • Own the Business Anniversary Promotion: Make sure your company’s products and services are showcased in the elements and activities of your business anniversary promotional plan.
  • Remember That Results Matter: Develop business anniversary promotions that showcase your company in the best light because those promotions will reflect your brand.
  • Never Underestimate the Media’s Power: Business anniversary promotions that tell your brand’s story visually make it easier for the media to cover your business anniversary story and for customers and prospects to enter your company’s world.

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