Columbia Records ( celebrates its 125th business anniversary with a commemorative book, 360 Sound: The Columbia Records Story written by Sean Wilentz, a Professor of History at Princeton University. The volume chronicles:

  • The company’s history from its beginnings in the late 1880s as the Columbia Phonograph Company to its present day ownership by Sony Music Entertainment. (Visit the historical timeline at
  • The artists who recorded for Columbia Records from Al Jolson, Bessie Smith and Duke Ellington to Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand and LL Cool J.
  • The political, social and cultural upheavals that shaped music, including two world wars, the fight for civil rights and the rise of feminism.
  • The evolution of music technology from the vinyl advance of the long playing (LP) record to the digital debut of the mp3.

A deluxe edition, 360 Sound: The Columbia Records Story: Legends and Legacy, includes essays by music writer Dave Marsh, reflecting on his hit parade of the 263 most notable songs released by Columbia Records. As a bonus, the deluxe edition includes digital copies of all 263 songs.

A company history such as 360 Sound: The Columbia Records Story is a perfect example of an ideal way to mark a milestone business anniversary. After all, a business anniversary offers an opportunity to position a company’s products (and services) within the context of celebrating the business anniversary. Therefore, Columbia Records can use the book to:

  • Gain New Outreach Opportunities. Celebrating a 125th business anniversary demonstrates to customers and prospects that, while others have come and gone, Columbia Records has flourished. Offering the book for sale wins recognition for the company’s accomplishments and spreads awareness of its musical catalog to old and new customers.
  • Build Stronger Key Relationships. Employees, recording artists, suppliers, distributors and others have made Columbia Records’ success possible. A business anniversary is a wonderful occasion to acknowledge those contributions. Receiving gift copies of the book stimulates a sense of pride in the company’s supporters for what they’ve helped Columbia Records achieve and reinforces their roles as advocates for the company.
  • Win Competitive Marketplace Advantage. Celebrating a 125th business anniversary trumps Columbia Records’ competitors. Some may not even realize how long they’ve been in business; others may not recognize a business anniversary’s marketing potential. The book brings attention to Columbia Records, allows the company to stay in the spotlight for the anniversary year and wins competitive marketplace advantage — vital in tough economic times.

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