Whether your not-for-profit organization is 2, 20 or 200 years old, every business anniversary is wrapped and beribboned as a fabulous present. When you untie the delicate ribbons and remove the exquisite paper, you’ll find these three gifts:

  • Recognition For Achievements. Celebrating your organization’s business anniversary allows you to herald what you have achieved over the years. You’ll win recognition for those accomplishments and spread awareness of the valuable services your organization provides.
  • Stronger Key Relationships. Volunteers, donors, the community and others have made your success possible. A business anniversary is a perfect occasion to acknowledge those contributions. You’ll stimulate a sense of pride in your supporters for what they’ve helped you achieve and reinforce their roles as advocates for your organization.
  • Shared Future Vision. Celebrating your business anniversary allows you to look toward the years ahead. You’ll share your future vision with key stakeholders and set the agenda for achievements to come — critical elements especially in tough economic times.

Business anniversaries of volunteer organizations are perfect opportunities to:

  • Tell your not-for-profit’s story
  • Fortify business and community ties
  • Attract the next generation of supporters.

How does your volunteer organization celebrate its anniversaries? Please share your thoughts and ideas.

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