One way to celebrate a business anniversary is through community service. A good example is the Consulting Alliance (, which is “an association of leading independent consultants with diverse regional and national experience and proven success in solving client challenges.”

In honor of its 20th business anniversary, the Consulting Alliance is sponsoring a regional competition called “Roadmap to Results.” The competition is open to any for-profit, not-for-profit and public organization within 60 miles of Albany, NY, where the Consulting Alliance is based. (Find more information and a “Roadmap to Results” application at

The first-place winner will receive a complimentary consulting engagement, valued at $24,000, with a team of experienced Consulting Alliance members. The team will be comprised of seasoned, professional consultants hand-picked to match the winning company’s specific needs. The process will culminate in a set of strategic recommendations (or “Roadmap”), showing how the organization can achieve its objectives.

“Roadmap to Results” is an example of a business anniversary community-service project that highlights the talents and skills of an organization’s members.


The winning organization will benefit from “Roadmap to Results”; so will the Consulting Alliance. Here’s how:

  • Planning: Planning “Roadmap to Results” allows Consulting Alliance members to collaborate with one another, which forges connections, deepens trust and sharpens professional skills.
  • Publicizing: Publicizing “Roadmap to Results” through traditional, online and social media builds awareness of and credibility for the Consulting Alliance and for participating members.
  • Promoting: Promoting “Roadmap to Results” through partners such as local economic development organizations and to prospective applicants strengthens key relationships for the Consulting Alliance.
  • Performing: Performing professionally and expertly during delivery of the consulting engagement allows the Consulting Alliance and its participating members to shine in the eyes of the winning company and opens the door for future opportunities.

Celebrating a business anniversary though community service enables organizations such as the Consulting Alliance to do well by doing good. Congratulations to the Consulting Alliance on its 20th business anniversary!

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