Keep your fun-size chocolate bars. To me, nothing says Halloween more than a bowl brimming with candy corn.

According to candy connoisseurs, the tri-color confection was created in the 1880s by George Renninger of the Wunderle Candy Company. Today, America’s leading candy-corn maker is Brach’s Confections, Inc., which celebrates its 107th business anniversary this year.

The symbol of the 107th business anniversary, according to “The Bartel Years 200(TM),” is Passion. Passion for candy making propelled Brach’s Confections into its second century of success and inspired candy-corn variations for other holidays:

  • Indian Corn for Thanksgiving has a brown top, orange middle and white tip.
  • Reindeer Corn for Christmas has a red top, green middle and white tip.
  • Cupid Corn for Valentine’s Day has a red top, pink middle and white tip.

These varieties may be popular, but the National Confectioners Association gives the prize to Halloween as the #1 season for candy corn. The trick-or-treat holiday accounts for 75% of total candy-corn sales each year.

To Brach’s Confections, Inc., I wish a very sweet 107th business anniversary. Please keep the candy corn coming. It’s the treat that does the trick for Halloween this year and every year.

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