This year marks the 15th business anniversary of Bartel Communications, Inc., (, the award-winning firm that transforms business anniversary merry making into business anniversary money making.

In honor of this milestone, I present Part 5 of 15 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Business Anniversary “Sell”-abrations:

13. What are the challenges associated with business anniversaries?

The common challenges we see relate to:

  • Time: Each milestone business anniversary happens only once in the lifetime of a company. Those that wait too long to plan face crunch time — trying to do something for the business anniversary before the clock runs out on the milestone business anniversary year.
  • Staff: Business anniversary promotional campaigns are labor intensive. Asking stretched-to-the-limit staff to plan and launch a business anniversary promotional campaign on top of their regular responsibilities can be disastrous.
  • Budget: Promotional activities supporting a business anniversary “sell”-abration require a budget. During times of economic hardship, finding the funding can be tough.

14. How can companies overcome these challenges?

We  recommend these solutions for:

  • Time Challenges: Keep last-minute business anniversary promotional campaigns modest and easy to execute. Then put a reminder on the calendar for the next milestone business anniversary and build in sufficient time for strategic planning and tactical execution.
  • Staff Challenges: Companies that lack staff power to plan and launch a business anniversary promotional campaign and do it well should consider hiring a business anniversary consultant. A business anniversary consultant can serve as strategic planner, implementation expert and/or project manager.
  • Budget Challenges: Recognize the milestone business anniversary in the marketing and public relations activities already planned. Then add a line item to the budget so funds can be reserved for the next milestone business anniversary “sell”-abration, which happens only once in the lifetime of a company.

15. In your view, what is the biggest benefit companies gain from a business anniversary?

Companies that “get” our concept — positioning products and services within the context of the business anniversary — gain more than just new and repeat business, stronger key relationships and strategic marketplace advantage. They experience new energy and great momentum; and as a result, these companies become transformed.

For example: After its 40th business anniversary “sell”-abration, The Chamber of Southern Saratoga County ( became the fastest growing chamber in upstate New York, reaching an elusive, long-held goal of attaining 1,000 members. That, in my view, is the transformative power of a business anniversary.

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