This year marks the 15th business anniversary of Bartel Communications, Inc., (, the award-winning firm that transforms business anniversary merry making into business anniversary money making.

In honor of this milestone, I present Part 4 of 15 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Business Anniversary “Sell”-abrations:

10. What things do you include in a business anniversary strategic plan?

In the custom business anniversary strategic plans we create for clients, we include:

  • A theme
  • A branding message inspired by the theme
  • Goals and metrics for the business anniversary promotional campaign
  • An action plan outlining strategies, tactics and a timeline for execution of the promotional campaign.

Depending on the client’s needs, the business anniversary strategic plan can include promotional campaigns directed to customers and prospects, recognition campaigns for employees and other stakeholders, community service projects, publicity campaigns, business gifts and gift baskets.

11. What do you offer that other public relations/marketing firms don’t?

Three proprietary elements are exclusive to Bartel Communications and our business anniversary consulting services:

  • “The Bartel Years(TM)” and “The Bartel Years 200(TM)” — business anniversary symbols for two centuries of business anniversary “sell”-abrations. We created these symbols to inspire different themes and promotions for each business anniversary year. (Download “The Bartel Years(TM)” at  Request “The Bartel Years 200(TM)” by sending a request with “TBY 200” in the subject line to
  • The Bartel Way(TM) — an integrated marketing and public relations strategy for positioning a company’s products and services within the context of the business anniversary. This system is our process for transforming a business anniversary into a “sell”-abration.

12. Does your system work?

Yes! Here’s what the team from Bartel Communications did in 2007 for The Chamber of Southern Saratoga County’s ( 40th anniversary:

  • Created an anniversary-year branding message based on the traditional qualities associated with Ruby, the symbol of the 40th business anniversary, that are also qualities associated with a chamber of commerce: “Marking 40 Years of Passion, Endurance, Loyalty, Strength.”
  • Incorporated the branding message into all aspects of the kick-off event for the yearlong business anniversary celebration — the annual awards dinner — that was re-branded as the 40th Anniversary Awards Dinner.
  • Used the color ruby as a sub-theme on the invitations, table decor, menu selections and even on the suggested attendee attire. Guests were asked to wear ruby-colored clothing to the black-tie-optional event.
  • Included as highlights of the evening: a timeline display showing the area’s growth over 40 years; a video providing reflections on the Chamber’s history and its accomplishments; presentations of 40th anniversary commemorative plaques to the Chamber’s charter members; fun elements such as music and trivia from 1967.

The results speak for themselves. The integrated marketing and public relations campaign Bartel Communications created yielded:

  • 35% increased attendance for the 40th Anniversary Awards Dinner — a sell-out event for the first time in its history — and record attendance for other Chamber events during the anniversary year
  • 158% increased sponsorship revenue and 58% increased total revenue for the 40th Anniversary Awards Dinner; increased event and sponsorship revenue for other Chamber events during the anniversary year
  • 1.5 million positive print and broadcast media impressions generated through the publicity campaign
  • 4 industry awards, including two Awards of Merit from the American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) and the 2008 Mark of Excellence Award from the American Marketing Association. These represented the Chamber’s first-ever honors.

(To read the complete story of the Chamber’s 40th business anniversary promotional campaign, send an email to with “Chamber Success Story” in the subject line.)

Check this blog again for Part 5 — the final installment — of 15 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Business Anniversary “Sell”-abrations. What questions do you have about transforming business anniversary merry making into business anniversary money making?

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