This year marks the 15th business anniversary of Bartel Communications, Inc., (, the award-winning firm that transforms business anniversary merry making into business anniversary money making.

In honor of this milestone, I present Part 3 of 15 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Business Anniversary “Sell”-abrations:

7. How much time will employees need to take away from their regular duties in order to focus on a business anniversary promotional campaign?

The time commitment depends on the extent of the business anniversary promotional campaign. Will your company “sell”-abrate on a single day or will the promotional campaign span the entire year? Nevertheless, employees at most companies are stretched to the limit these days. Delegating business anniversary planning and execution to staff already grappling with ongoing responsibilities could incite a mutiny. The solution? Consider hiring a business anniversary consultant.

8. How does a business anniversary consultant help?

Experienced business anniversary consultants understand the process of planning and executing business anniversary promotional campaigns. They provide fresh, creative ideas — even ones you hadn’t thought of. They are also implementation experts, launching the tactics, managing the details and accomplishing the mission — a successful business anniversary “sell”-abration.

9. How can I convince others that a business anniversary is worth our time and money?

Point out the distinctions between celebrating and “sell”-abrating a business anniversary.

Companies that celebrate have a “Let’s-Throw-A-Party-Because-It’s-Our-Anniversary” mindset. They arrange catered affairs with confetti and confections and congratulate themselves on their longevity. This approach completely ignores the marketing power of a business anniversary.

Companies that “sell”-abrate have a “Let’s-Increase-the-Bottom-Line” perspective. They create an anniversary-year theme and anniversary branding message, develop a business anniversary strategic plan and execute promotional strategies and tactics that position products and services within the context of the anniversary. (Business anniversary consultants make this process smooth and easy.) As a result, these companies:

  • Spread awareness of their products and services
  • Trump their competitors
  • Build stronger relationships with company advocates.

When a business anniversary becomes a “sell”-abration, the time and money invested contribute directly to the company’s future success.

Check this blog again for Part 4 of 15 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Business Anniversary “Sell”-abrations. What questions do you have about transforming business anniversary merry making into business anniversary money making?

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