This year marks the 15th business anniversary of Bartel Communications, Inc., (, the award-winning firm that transforms business anniversary merry making into business anniversary money making.

In honor of this milestone, I present Part 2 of 15 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Business Anniversary “Sell”-abrations:

4. How do we keep business anniversary celebrations fresh if we do one every year?

Use “The Bartel Years(TM)” or “The Bartel Years 200(TM),” business anniversary symbols for two centuries of business anniversary “sell”-abrations. Let the symbol for each business anniversary year inspire different themes and promotions that can be targeted to your specific audiences. Here are some examples:

  • For a 2nd business anniversary — the symbol is Cotton — you might use the theme “The Fabric of Our Success” for an employee recognition campaign. You could give embroidered polo shirts to staff along with handwritten notes, thanking each employee for being “The Fabric of Our Success.”
  • For a 3rd business anniversary — the symbol is Star — you might use the theme “Become the Star on Our Red Carpet” for a prospective customer outreach campaign. You could deliver goodie bags containing imprinted promotional products; star-shaped, foil-wrapped chocolates; and a “Coming Attractions” DVD, spotlighting new products or services.
  • For a 4th business anniversary — the symbol is Sugar & Spice — you might use the theme “Our Success Is Sweet Because of You” for a customer recognition campaign. You could host a dessert open house for customers and thank them for the “sweet success” they’ve helped you achieve.

Download “The Bartel Years(TM)” at this link: Request “The Bartel Years 200(TM)” by sending a request with “TBY 200” in the subject line to

5. Do we celebrate a milestone business anniversary differently than an in-between business anniversary?

Yes. We recommend a comprehensive strategy for milestone business anniversaries and a component strategy for in-between business anniversaries.

With a comprehensive strategy, use your business-anniversary theme in:

  • Promotional campaigns directed to customers and prospects
  • Recognition campaigns for employees and other stakeholders
  • Community service projects
  • Publicity campaigns
  • Business gifts and gift baskets

With a component strategy, use your business-anniversary theme in one or two of the above tactical areas.

6. How do you create different campaigns for different kinds of industries?

The business anniversary promotional campaigns we create for clients are based on custom — not cookie-cutter — business anniversary strategic plans. Four key strategies drive our business anniversary idea generation process:

  • What the company wishes to achieve through the business anniversary promotional campaign
  • What is the business anniversary-year message
  • Who needs to hear the business anniversary- year message
  • Which mechanisms best communicate the anniversary-year message

Bartel Communications has created business anniversary strategic plans for B2B and B2C companies and for not-for-profit organizations.

Check this blog again for Part 3 of 15 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Business Anniversary “Sell”-abrations. What questions do you have about transforming business anniversary merry making into business anniversary money making?

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Blogger Bio: Pauline Bartel, M.A., is President and Chief Creative Officer of Bartel Communications, Inc., an award-winning corporate communications firm, specializing in marketing, public relations and business anniversary consulting services. The firm created “The Bartel Years™” and “The Bartel Years 200™,” rosters of business anniversary symbols to inspire two centuries of business anniversary “sell”-abrations. Download free copies of “The Bartel Years™” and the special report “The Top 10 Business Anniversary Ideas for SELL-abrating Your Business Anniversary” at this link: