5 Fast Facts About Business Anniversaries

When realizing that your company is nearing a milestone business anniversary – one that ends in 0 or 5 – you might think about throwing a gala celebration. Instead, how about launching a “sell”-abration that contributes to your bottom line? These five fast facts will help you make the most of your next business anniversary:

A business anniversary has promotional power.

A strategic marketing approach uses the anniversary to showcase your products or services, engage customers and prospects and drive sales and revenue. In other words, you “sell”-abrate your anniversary with a promotional campaign.

A business anniversary can be promoted all year.

Some companies celebrate their business anniversaries on a single day. Smart companies “sell”-abrate by launching a 12-month marketing and public relations campaign to maximize the anniversary’s promotional power.

A business anniversary “sell”-abration is strategic.

Companies create an anniversary-year branding message, develop an anniversary strategic plan and launch integrated marketing and public relations tactics. (Business anniversary consultants make this process smooth and easy.) Strategies include outreach campaigns to customers and prospects, appreciation campaigns for employees and other key stakeholders, community service projects, legacy initiatives, publicity and social media campaigns.

A business anniversary “sell”-abration requires planning.  

Transforming a business anniversary into a “sell”-abration takes time and thought. Devote at least 9 to 12 months to the task. Waiting too long to plan squanders the marketing opportunities the anniversary offers. Make it great; don’t procrastinate!

 A business anniversary “sell”-abration delivers results.

Business anniversary “sell”abrations yield new and repeat business, stronger key relationships and competitive marketplace advantage. And those are gifts you can take to the bank.

Whether your company is reaching its 10th, 25th or 150th business anniversary, don’t miss the opportunity that a business anniversary “sell”-abration offers: Transforming business anniversary merry making into business anniversary money making.

We help our clients do just that. Here’s how:


Blogger Bio:

Pauline Bartel, M.A., is President and Chief Creative Officer of Bartel Communications, Inc., an award-winning corporate communications consultancy. One of the company’s specialties is business anniversary marketing.

Bartel Communications created “The Bartel Years™” and “The Bartel Years 200™,” rosters of business anniversary symbols to inspire two centuries of business anniversary “sell”-abrations.

Through The Bartel Way™, an integrated marketing and public relations strategy, Bartel Communications uses business anniversaries as showcases for a company’s products and services. This engages customers, drives sales and transforms the anniversary into a “sell”-abration. For further information, visit www.paulinebartel.com/services/corporate-services/business-anniversary-consulting



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