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"Some people dream of writing success; 
others wake up and work at it." 

"Where the heart is willing, it will find a thousand ways; 
Where it is unwilling, it will find a thousand excuses." 
(Arlen Price)

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Greetings! Once you decide that No Excuses! Book Writing is right for you, please complete this writing profile page and return it to me. The information will help me:

(1) get to know you better 
(2) understand your needs and goals 
(3) determine if the book you plan to write has potential

If I don't think your project has potential and if I don't share your level of excitement, I will tell you right away. I won't ask you to spend your money - and I prefer not to invest my time - on a project unless I think it will be a fascinating, successful endeavor. I look forward to hearing from you and determining if your book is the right project for both of us!

Pauline Bartel

Please answer the following then email your responses to Contact or snail mail your responses to Pauline Bartel at Post Office Box 491, Waterford, NY 12188. Thanks!

1. What is your book about? 


2. Why do you want to write this book? 


3. How much of your book is written? 


4. How much of your book is still left to be completed? 


5. How do you characterize yourself as a writer? 


6. How will No Excuses! Book Writing help you to meet your book writing goals? Why? 


7. I can work with only a few writers at any given time. Use your strongest arguments to convince me that you should be one of the writers I coach in the writing and marketing of your book.

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