The Honor Roll


The following persons deserve special recognition. After working with Pauline Bartel, they submitted their material to the marketplace and became published! Congratulations to all!


Beck, Steve
"Late to the Line," Windward Leg, Winter 1999


Blank, Jeanne
Death of an Adult Child (Baywood Press, 1997)


Carrillo, Patricia
"Turning Around HUD-Foreclosed Property Requires Persistence, Local Political Muscle," Affordable Housing Finance, February 2000


Cash, Victoria Burri, R.N.
"Who Was I To Judge?," RN, November 1997


Conklin, Elissa
"His Mysterious Ways: God Calling," Guideposts, July 1999; "A Parent's View," Hudson Valley Parent, 1998


Dean, Claudia
"An Artisan Cooperative in Bolivia," Fiberarts Magazine, March/April 1998


de la Rocha, Kelly
"What Do We Tell the Children?: Tips to Help Ease Young People's Fears About School Violence," Mahoning Valley Parent, June 1999.


Douglas, Garry
Wildflowers in the Clay (Heart of the Lakes)


Farra, Ron
Jockeying for Change: Saratoga's Tommy Luther (Saratoga Mountain Press, 1998)


Finley, Peter
"I Dare You To Take The First Sip," The Saratogian, July 21, 1999; "This Game of Chinese Checkers Is A Worry," The Saratogian, June 23, 1999


Frey, Joe




Published in Exposed, the literary magazine of Dutchess County Community College, 2004.




Goldman, Harry




Kenneth Strickfaden, Dr. Frankenstein's Electrician (McFarland Publishing, 2005)


Hand, Maureen
"Calistoga: California's Spa City," The Post-Star, (Glens Falls, NY), December 20, 1998


Lechowicz, Antoinette M.
"Camping in the Great Outdoors," Dialogue: A World of Ideas For Visually Impaired People of All Ages, Fall 2000; "911 What Is Your Emergency?," Dialogue: A World of Ideas For Visually Impaired People of All Ages, Summer 2002; "Digging in the Dirt,"Dialogue: A World of Ideas For Visually Impaired People of All Ages, Spring 2000; "College Reminiscences of a Baby Boomer,"Dialogue: A World of Ideas For Visually Impaired People of All Ages, Winter 1998


Lincer, Tina
"Motherhood Notwithstanding," Chronicle Section, Writer's Digest, January 1998


McFadden, Dennis
Short Stories
"Don't Be Cruel," Event: A Douglas College Review, 1998; "Something in the Cellar," Confrontation: The Literary Journal of Long Island University, 1998


McGovern, Patricia
"Generations," Poughkeepsie Journal, 1998


McLain, Jean Marie




As Best We Could: A Civil War Story of the 101st New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment and Their Loved Ones at Home (1st World Library, 2002)


Marino, Michael
Column "Disability Speaking," Poughkeepsie Journal, 1992


Matura, Andy
"What Might Have Been," Laurel and Hardy Online Newsletter, #13, December 1999


O'Brien, Cheryl
"Summer Camps: A Natural Choice For Children and Adults," New Jersey Outdoors, Spring 1998


Poillucci, Joseph V.
Baseball in Dutchess County: When It Was A Game (Rutledge Books, Inc., 2000)


Powis, Jean
Publication of 289 articles in newspapers and magazines during her freelance writing career


Sandiford, Frances
"Stone Fences," About Town, Spring 2000; "Milan Memories,"About Town, Winter 1998; "My First Ride on the Hudson," About Town, Fall 1999


Shapiro, Alan
Golf's Mental Hazards (Fireside Press, imprint of Simon & Schuster, 1996)


Sterling, Jody T.
"A Birthday Card for Alison's First Parents," Roots and Wings, Fall 1998; "Creating a Vacation Journal With Your Kids," Hudson Valley Parent (June 1998); "An Appreciation of Mother's Day,"Hudson Valley Parent (May 1998)


Walsh, Karen
"Unsolved Math Problems Come Back To Haunt Me," Buffalo Evening News, May 2000; "Living With Relatives," Buffalo Evening News, February 2000; "Relocation Syndrome," Buffalo Evening News, January 3, 1999; "Nose Ring! Yuk!," The Hamburg Sun, December 31, 1998.


Wells, Susan Milstrey
A Delicate Balance: Living Successfully With Chronic Illness(Plenum Publishing, 1998)


Wolensky, Mary T.
"History of the Esopus Lighthouse," Boating on the Hudson, August 1998.



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